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Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell are back

Back on Stage, fit as ever: Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell are back, with a heap of new songs and everything that has made them stand out for over 23 years. Wild Organ-Beat on the very limits, over-exaggerated Sixties-Soul, no-frills Garage-Punk, rough-and-ready Rock’n Roll with sprinkles of Indie. Full-on Live-Action til breathlessness and everything so danceable that no leg will stand still and no shirt will stay dry…..

Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell!! are a Garage Rock'n Roll Band from Mannheim, Germany. Since starting almost 19 years ago with a mix of Sixties Garage and Surf, they have been crafting their own style by putting Punk-Edge and a large dose of Sixties-Soul into the Garage Beat, making a positively explosive yet fiercely danceable mix - now for the first time held down to long-playing vinyl.

ASSS Cover

... Hits That Will Make You Dance, Scream And Holler!

  • limited to 300 numbered copies
  • red extra-heavy vinyl
  • incl. a comic book and full linernotes
  • Plus official A.S.S.S.H.O.L.E. Card
  • also: digital download code +1 bonus track

... all that for 15,- EUR (+ shipping)

Just shoot us an email to and we'll figure out how to get the record to you.

Contact & Booking

We'd love to play in your city, just get in touch with us or our booker at FFdabei Booking.

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